TopLogic 7 Releases

Overview of all TopLogic 7 releases with their respective enhancements and, if necessary, detailed migration instructions.


TopLogic applications can now provide and include interfaces according to the OpenAPI specification. An OpenAPI editor is available for in-app development of interfaces, which can be used to create and export interface descriptions as well as implement interfaces via TL-Script.

The model editor has been extended by the definition of historical references. This provides the complete versioning functionality of the persistence layer for in-app development. In this context, access functions to the version history in TL-Script have also been added.


Important bug fixes and small improvements.


Besides a performance optimization of the Kafka synchronization, there are improvements in the model and layout editor. In addition, TopLogic applications can now generate Debian packages for easy installation on Linux(-containers).


Security fixes and minor improvements.


It is now possible to configure an ID column for tables. The ID column is the column in a table for which a symbol of the row object type is added before its value and which is displayed as a link to its row object. Furthermore, several bugs have been fixed and dependencies have been updated to remove security vulnerabilities.


Bug fix for drag and drop operations on tree tables.


System requirement raised to Java 11. A number of security updates for open source components used. Various updates for the Maven tooling.


The TopLogic build system has been switched to Maven. The application engine modules are now provided via our Nexus repository.


A variety of improvements in the interface design of an application: configuration of tile cockpits, drag and drop handlers, enrichment of tables with calculated columns, selection components, custom commands with dialog input, and improvements to the layout editor.


Logging also via logback for TL Studio applications and various bug fixes.


Improved stability and various bug fixes.


Online help for an application can now be maintained in the application itself (in-app). Dependencies between fields can now be declared directly in the model. There is also a designer for the database layout.


The Model Editor can now also create enumerations and there is a predefined view for model-based search.


Application views and forms can now be created live without manual XML configuration. Logic expression creation in TLScript is now supported with context help. This enables "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" style application creation. TopLogic got another theme: "subtle" all in the new TopLogic colors of blue and white. But custom themes can now also be easily created with the built-in theme editor. Internationalization of an application becomes child's play with the connection to the DeepL translation service. Also another database PosgreSQL is now supported by default.


Modularization of layout configurations and possibility to store in-app configured views in the database.



Forms now become responsive and automatically adapt to the dimensions of the end device. Writing JSP for the form layout becomes unnecessary. A new form of presentation is made possible: with the tile layout, better user guidance can be achieved because overview information can be offered even before navigation.